First you can Download and Try the Free Trial versions of the Regular Trader Bot here!

In these tutorials you can learn how to use the bot and how to create a basic strategy, so you can develop more advanced strategies when you understand the basics.

1. Basic tutorial: How to adjust the triggered bet’s position, or where to place the bets according to the current actual Back/Lay prices:

Because this is excel, you can change the cells manually or your can change them with your algorithm too by using excel formulas. For example, if you want to change where to put the bets in different situations automatically.


2. Basic tutorial: How to change bet stake size, setup liability or fixed stakes, min./max. stakes:

You can also change here the stake cells manually or you can change them with your algorithm too by using excel formulas. For example if you want to increase/decrease stake size in different situations automatically.


3. Basic tutorial: How to trigger a bet with a simple condition:


A little more complex but still very simple strategy making tutorials, watch these on a desktop computer to see the commentary!

How does it work?

The bot is listing your desired data (for example: odds, tick, volume, etc.).

Then you can create your strategy (using the data) in the “Your Strategy” area. You have “unlimited” space for it. Usually a strategy is a few columns but it depends on the complexity.

Then you can create trigger signal columns for LAY and BACK bets with 0 and 1 values. 1 = put a bet. 0 = do nothing.

Put the signal column’s sums into the Runner’s trigger cells (BACK or LAY), for example “=SUM(HR5:HR1300)”. It will fire a bet every time when your signal columns’s sums increased by 1 value.

Also you can setup where to put the BACK/LAY bets compared to the actual back and lay odds: X position above/below.

And that’s it!


This video will teach you How To Create a Queue Based Simple Strategy:

This video will teach you How To Create a Weight of Money % Based Simple Strategy:

This video will teach you How to Create Odds % Increase/Decrease Strategy:

In this video you can see how to create trigger signals based on Candle Stick Patterns to trigger LAY or BACK bets with the bot. You can find further indicator schemes here: excelbettingbots.com/download-example-indicators

Download here the example sheet!


How to create an RSI based Lay trigger strategy:


In this video I demonstrate how you can add an MFI algorithm into your excel bot’s “My Strategy area”:


How to change betting stake based on the previous market result:


How to detect GAPS between each odds:


How to analyse market results with exclude/include technique:


How to use the Race Type Filtering System for horse racing:


How to add odds and race type criteria to your strategy easily:


How to make a MACD indicator:


Please note! These are just tutorials and not finished profitable strategies! It’s your job to work out your profitable strategy! These are only example strategies to help you understand how to create your own strategies!