OHLC Bot for Cymatic

This is a fully customizable automated all day working excel betting/trading bot. It’s mainly designed for trade on horse racing markets on betfair (or betdaq). The spreadsheet is listing the OHLC prices of the 1-6 horses from the actual market and makes it simple for you to create any auto trading algorithm or strategies based on the collected historical data. You need to have Cymatic subscription and Excel (min. 2010) to use it!


  • This bot has a different data listing system it’s based on OHLC data. You can setup the OHLC period and the bot will list the Open, High, Low, Close Prices (as Odds or Tick) of the 1-6 horses.
  • OHLC period is adjustable, it’s based on refreshing time.
  • Because this bot is OHLC based. It’s much easier to add OHLC based indicators/strategies like Candlesticks, Stochastic Oscillators, ADX, ATR indicators, etc…
  • It Includes 6 candlestick charts for the first 6 runners.
  • Working example candlestick strategy provided (not for profit) to help you understand how to create your own strategy.

The other features (besides the data listing system) are about the same as in the Regular G1 Trading Bot versions!

  • Potential free updates.
  • Bug support via email.
  • Sheets are macro protected (you can ask for unprotected version for additional costs).
  • One time paymentunlimited usage!

Please note! The spreadsheet dose NOT include any finished profitable strategy, only an example strategy to help you understand how to create your own strategies!

Adjustable Odds or Tick OHLC based data listing system with adjustable OHLC period.

CandleStick charts for 1-6 runners provided.

Example Candlestick strategy provided  to help you understand how to create a trade algorithm or rules.

Cymatic version:

29.9£ via paypal

22.9£ via Bitcoin, any Altcoin, Neteller

Betting Assistant version:

19.9£ via paypal

15£ via Bitcoin, any Altcoin, Neteller

Max. 24 hours delivery via email, please be patient! If question: probroq@gmail.com

Disclaimer: Use the bot responsibly! We are not responsible any of your actions. Use it in practice/training mode (not with real money) until you know how to use it well!